President Advice

Q: What is it like working as a President?

President in Eastchester:
"Work hard anything is possible."
Enjoy what you are doing, common sense.

President in St. Louis:
"Never stop learning."
Never stop learning and adapting to changes.

President in New Haven:
"The amount of travel required."
Don't lose site of work-life balance. It's too easy to think that your job means everything. Family first.

President in Aurora:
"Employees are a lot of work."
Provide all the benefits to encourage employees to stay with company.

President in West Chester:
"It's the People you hire that make the difference."
A difficult responsibility for a young executive is managing personnel and a large department of green workers. Before I worked at a Swiss luxury goods company, I had never managed more than a few support personnel at a time. While I had hired many vendors and outside contractors, hiring and cultivating a team of staff to support a department is a very different challenge and one that should be taken seriously. While at my Swiss company, I was challenged with creating their first national marketing department but the caveat was to hire from within. Since the company was fairly new in the US, its workers were also fairly young. It took a lot of patience, structure and listening to bring the new team together to work seamlessly as a unit. My team also appreciated that I took the time to train them while giving them an opportunity to lift their careers and elevate their career experiences. Advice: There is no replacement for good training.

President in Dallas:
"Give the kids insight on the structure of goals."
Pros: I like most being able to share information with kids and parents that are crucial for setting goals and achieving them. I also like witnessing that ah ha moment when people realize what they are capable of.
Cons: The quality of parents determine the quality of the kid. I offer my services in areas that most need it and getting parent participation can be a task in itself.

President in Phoenix:
"Financial Projection."
Promote long term achievable goals.