Production Manager, Manufacturing Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Manager, Manufacturing?

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Walla Walla:
"Constant Problem Solving."
Pros: I like getting projects completed and helping to make my workplace more organized.
Cons: I'm completely overworked and there is not enough time in a day to do it all. The majority of employees are unprofessional and have terrible work ethic. It's a constant battle with the culture and mindset to keep things going.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Nashville:
"Always something new."
Pros: My company is very exciting because there is always new projects and ideas. There is always something to be learned and something that needs to be solved. Critical thinking and artistic craft best describes my work place.
Cons: When there is mismanagement from above.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Laramie:
"Stress level."
Pros: Building and operating scientific devices for use in a host of applications.
Cons: Constant pressure to produce new lines without R&D support.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Franklin:
"First year production mgr."
Pros: Boss is great.
Cons: Boss can be a pain.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Plymouth:
Pros: What I like most about my job is the hours, the warehousing/manufacturing atmosphere and the fact that I am always busy and moving.
Cons: The things I like least about my job are the people I work with, and how going the extra mile doesn't get recognized by management.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in San Francisco:
Pros: I liked how I was one of 6 employee's who started at Range Networks. We met weekly at the Co-founders house for 4 to 5 months until we had a facility to call home. Also, the 1st Mechanical designer and sole technical person who designed the 1st OpenBTS Open Source Cellular system. I was wearing many hats in the company, Designer, purchasing, Test Technician, Shipping/Receiving, Sourcing for acquiring parts, equipment for Engineering and test.
Cons: Wearing too many hats could drain the life out of oneself.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Stone Mountain:
Pros: The people and hours spent at work.
Cons: Lack of processes and recognitions.