Property Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Property Manager?

Property Manager in Nashville:
"Changes everyday ,you meet many new people."
Pros: My boss is extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to work for.
Cons: Having to deal with the people from general public that are not pleasant.

Property Manager in Chesapeake:
"Very time consuming as well as demanding from all aspects."
Pros: I like the freedom of managing my property as well my yearly budget. I also like the ability to work closely with my staff and have daily meetings for projects.
Cons: The pay is not reasonable based on the expectations, industry average, and effort put forth.

Property Manager in Schenectady:
Pros: The Regional Manager leaves me alone, is considerate and values my opinions. Work by self.
Cons: Stress most of the times.

Property Manager in New York:
"Challenging But Rewarding."
Pros: Providing support and leadership.
Cons: Dealing with resident complaints/my boss.

Property Manager in Shreveport:
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: Maintenance.

Property Manager in Atlantic Beach:
Pros: People I work with, flexibility with requesting days off.
Cons: Having to deal with people that don't know how to do their job correctly.

Property Manager in Pasadena:
"Perks are nice but job is stressfull."
Pros: On site living and expenses paid.
Cons: No privacy from on site living. Only two employees, responsible for the maintenance and profitability. Auctions.