Property Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Property Manager?

Property Manager in Nashville:
"Changes everyday ,you meet many new people."
Pros: My boss is extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to work for.
Cons: Having to deal with the people from general public that are not pleasant.

Property Manager in Altamont:
"I wish I took a property management course."
Always support every statement made with proof via knowledge or physical evidence.

Property Manager in Chesapeake:
"Very time consuming as well as demanding from all aspects."
Pros: I like the freedom of managing my property as well my yearly budget. I also like the ability to work closely with my staff and have daily meetings for projects.
Cons: The pay is not reasonable based on the expectations, industry average, and effort put forth.

Property Manager in Wichita:
"More Stress, More Freedom."
The promotion from Leasing Agent to Assistant Manager, and from Assistant Manager to Property Manager, is intrinsically tied to a correlating relationship in stress and freedom. The higher your position is, the more stressful it's bound to be, but the amount of freedom that you will have in that position also grows. Issues that weren't your designation before are now your primary responsibility, and compounded on that is your daily, weekly, monthly, annual paperwork, and without exception the minute by minute interruptions- but you can choose how you want to go about changing, resolving, and improving the issues within your scope. It's basically one of those, "With power comes responsibility," transitions.

Property Manager in St. Louis:
"Ask for what you want."
My best piece of advice would be to make sure and ask for what you want, raise, promotion etc. Don't expect it to be given to you.

Property Manager in Las Vegas:
"Constantly moving."
Be friendly and support your staff and tenants.

Property Manager in Pontiac:
Learn as much as you can and listen listen listen. Look for value in your employees and help them prosper. Training for all employees on every level. If you are not good at a task, hire someone to do that and other tasks so you can Vocus on bigger projects to benefit the business. Remember you can not do everything and it is ok to delagate some of your tasks. Teach others your job so that you can perpare to move up the latter while other do the same in your company. Everyone needs to be lifted up.