Property Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Property Manager?

Property Manager in Rogers:
"Low pay and long hours."
Pros: Easy commute and somewhat flexible hours.
Cons: On call 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Property Manager in Redmond:
"Autonomous and Rewarding."
Pros: Being appreciated by the tenants who live in the complex I manage. Being able to schedule my own work hours. Taking care of the elderly and disabled people's needs at the apartments. Working from home at least some of the time. Ability to contract out any work needed that is above my pay grade.
Cons: The lack of pay for the level of responsibilities.

Property Manager in Honolulu:
Pros: Work flexibility, schedule,
Cons: Stress, the management, pay.

Property Manager in Dallas:
"Managing Landlord's Property."
Pros: I get to help people find space for their business and allow them to run a smooth business. I get to work with many types of people and learn from everyone. My schedule can be flexible.
Cons: I feel like I do not get paid enough.

Property Manager in Denver:
"I love the interaction with people."
Pros: Able to multi task - the change and difference a day makes - interaction with people/residents.
Cons: None.

Property Manager in Wilmington:
"Constantly needed and on-call."
Pros: Staying busy and feeling as I am helping people.
Cons: Pay.

Property Manager in Montgomery:
"I like the working with the public."
Pros: Helping people achieve their dreams. I like working with the public. I enjoy helping the less fortunate.
Cons: Under paid. Time consuming. Travel expenses are too high.