Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Receptionist?

Receptionist in Tacoma:
Pros: Atmosphere, casual working environment.
Cons: Pay is low, some labor, micro-managing.

Receptionist in Greenville:
Pros: I love my coworkers and what I do. I work on referrals, scanning, answering phone, psychology receptionist, obtain authorizations, and call insurance companies. I also manage the stress and echo schedule.
Cons: It can be stressful at times.

Receptionist in Montgomery:
"Office Conditions and Perks."
Pros: Interaction with others all day.
Cons: Having to stay at the front desk and can't leave with out someone relieving you.

Receptionist in Anchorage:
"Fellow employees."
Pros: Great atmosphere and the company really cares about their employees.
Cons: Fellow employees take advantage of employer and fellow employees. Half-finishing work and refusing to advance in the new developments of the company.

Receptionist in Lexington:
"I get to meet many different types of people."
Pros: I love the atmosphere. It's relaxed and non-stressful. The other employees are great to work with. There are a few perks that go with the job such as the "Toys for Tots" banquet and cash bonuses for an above average sales month.
Cons: I have to stay by the phone unless I get someone to releive me for a break. Many times, no one is available to relieve be because they are busy with their own assignments.

Receptionist in Milwaukee:
Pros: I like working with people I am very dependable and a hard worker also a great team player.
Cons: The little to no hours per week and the low amount of pay with no raise.

Receptionist in Houston:
"Receptionist Position."
Pros: My coworkers are rooting for me. I enjoy receiving a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to lead projects in our company. Although I am a receptionist, I have the opportunity to learn a lot more about the title and escrow business. They have also let me lead the integration project between our different software. This has made me even more valuable to the company. I enjoy using my degree to bring in new and consistent clients to our company.
Cons: I am not paid enough at my job. The receptionist duties only take up about 5% of my time during work. I spend more of my time on database management and spreadsheets for other people within the company. I am at the bottom of the totem pole. I do not like dealing with coffee management and getting people drinks, and it is not something that I want to do for the rest of my life.