Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Receptionist?

Receptionist in Greenville:
Pros: I love my coworkers and what I do. I work on referrals, scanning, answering phone, psychology receptionist, obtain authorizations, and call insurance companies. I also manage the stress and echo schedule.
Cons: It can be stressful at times.

Receptionist in Anchorage:
"Fellow employees."
Pros: Great atmosphere and the company really cares about their employees.
Cons: Fellow employees take advantage of employer and fellow employees. Half-finishing work and refusing to advance in the new developments of the company.

Receptionist in Montgomery:
"Office Conditions and Perks."
Pros: Interaction with others all day.
Cons: Having to stay at the front desk and can't leave with out someone relieving you.

Receptionist in Akron:
"Accurate position description."
Always look for new ways to improve self in position to be valuable to the company.

Receptionist in Lexington:
"I get to meet many different types of people."
Pros: I love the atmosphere. It's relaxed and non-stressful. The other employees are great to work with. There are a few perks that go with the job such as the "Toys for Tots" banquet and cash bonuses for an above average sales month.
Cons: I have to stay by the phone unless I get someone to releive me for a break. Many times, no one is available to relieve be because they are busy with their own assignments.

Receptionist in Dulles:
"How deadend this job is."
Use this position as short term stepping stone to a better position and employer.

Receptionist in Milwaukee:
Pros: I like working with people I am very dependable and a hard worker also a great team player.
Cons: The little to no hours per week and the low amount of pay with no raise.