Restaurant Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant Manager in Marietta:
"Working at the Mc."
Pros: Customers.
Cons: Pay and condition of establishment.

Restaurant Manager in Findlay:
"A thrill everyday, lots of great experiences with guests, ho."
Pros: Guest inter-action. Teaching , coaching.. Constant knowledge on how to increase sales and profit.
Cons: CB has never soured my feeling. Extremely satisfied.

Restaurant Manager in New York:
"Exciting serious when that needs to be."
Pros: The title.
Cons: The payment.

Restaurant Manager in Denver:
Faced paced, you gotta multitask.

Restaurant Manager in Glen Mills:
"Be prepared for a stressful job and long hours."
This is a people driven industry! To succeed you must have a genuine concern for your guests and employees alike and lead with integrity. Make sure your staff shares this mentality and happy guests are sure to follow.

Restaurant Manager in Hayward:
"It's just burgers and beers."
You will work 50-65 hours in a week. You will work every major holiday, if your location is open. Guests will get unreasonably angry with you, the staff and anything else in their direct vision. That is normal, they are hungry. Feed them and cater to their needs, %95 of the time, they will be shaking your hand and thanking you as they exit the building. You will screw up, constantly, for the first 6 months. A mentor of mine always said, "It takes a new manager 6 months to find the bathroom. After that, they will go insane, or quit. Lets admit it, you would have to be crazy to want this job, but it sure has it's benefits." Don't get a collage degree in Restaurant Management. It is not necessary, and the knowledge you will bring to the table will only distract you from what you should actually be learning. Know the food! If your food knowledge can outstrip the Kitchen Managers, you will be an All Star. Most of all, remember: "It's just burgers and beers.".

Restaurant Manager in Tulsa:
Pros: I enjoy the pressure, the Rush and intensity. I enjoy the fight for good numbers, and seeing people learn to do better, and become more efficient.
Cons: Pay.