Restaurant Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant Manager in Manteca:
Pros: Working with people. Supplying them with what they want and seeing them satisfied. Working in a non-stop atmosphere.
Cons: Dealing with employees who have a hard time listening.

Restaurant Manager in Atlanta:
"Restaurant Management."
Pros: I like being able to provide good food and service through training my employees. Customer service is my passion. I work with a very talented staff and I have an awesome boss. I have learned a lot about Japanese cuisine and culture here. Our regular customers are also very kind people and I love it when they walk through the door.
Cons: I don't like how some of the employees are too comfortable and don't strive to improve on the level of service to make our company shine. Being overworked and underpaid drains on my social life. Especially at my age I need to start settling down. The office could use some organization as well.