Restaurant Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant Manager in Washington:
"Stress to the max , overworked 60+hr."
Be ready to give up your life, sanity and adopt a bunch of people as your new sons and daughters. Drama will never stop. Separate your personal life and your me time to stay sane.

Restaurant Manager in Palo Alto:
"Problem solver."
Try your hardest everyday.

Restaurant Manager in Colorado Springs:
Pros: My crew the customers that we have.
Cons: The pay and craziness that come with it.

Restaurant Manager in San Luis Obispo:
"How hard it is physically."
Make sure you get bennefits.

Restaurant Manager in Humble:
"It is awesome experience."
Pros: Dominating other quick service restruants.
Cons: High turn over rate.

Restaurant Manager in New York:
"Stress level."
Pros: Dealing with customers.
Cons: No recognition and benefits like vacation.

Restaurant Manager in Boston:
"My Life change."
Pros: The customers are the reason I've stayed as long as I have. I love going into work knowing I've made a customer's expErience excellent And know they will return again and know me by a first name basis.
Cons: The owner who is also my boss has not paid me for the management duties I do daily. He constantly screams and belittles me in front of customers to the point I''ve now changed as a person.