Retail Department Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Department Supervisor?

Retail Department Supervisor in Chino:
Not that great, expensive.

Retail Department Supervisor in Plaistow:
Pros: I love plaistow.
Cons: Working with someone my ex.

Retail Department Supervisor in Grass Valley:
Pros: The creativity for designing displays. Working with customers and developing team members to bring out their potential and the best in them.
Cons: Constant changes in work loads from the corporate.

Retail Department Supervisor in Grass Valley:
Ask questions - never be afraid of your creativity and always respect others.

Retail Department Supervisor in Halethorpe:
"I find it to be a very good company to work for."
Pros: I like how the home depot takes care of its associates and how easy it is to move up.
Cons: I think they hire too many people who don't take the job seriously.

Retail Department Supervisor in San Antonio:
"Retail Department Supervisor."
Pros: I. Training others standards: Engaging with associates/working side by side ensuring sense of axcomplishment. II. Sales comparison to other stores. III. Merchandising: inventory control. IV. Look and feel of store.
Cons: I. Lack of hands on recognition giving the opportunity to advance in the company. II. Corporate not supporting stores with Customer Service issues. III. Lack of hours given to stores; should be based off of sales, demographics, along with work load to update stores and new hires in training for 2 weeks. IV. Store Managers should be not only a team leader, and hands on, but understanding towards family issues with out personal retaliation.

Retail Department Supervisor in Groton:
Pros: The people I work with, generous paid time off.
Cons: Not enough clarity in expectations, working holidays, insuffucient hours for expectations.