Retail Store Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Manager?

Retail Store Manager in Columbus:
"Fast Paced."
Pros: I enjoy being able to take charge and change things that will better our business. I enjoy developing people to become better.
Cons: Right now there are a lot of clunky procedures that are in our way of making more money. It doesn't allow a lot of flexibility in schedule.

Retail Store Manager in Greencastle:
Pros: Retail is great business - and managing people is fun as long as employees listen.
Cons: Having to work store if nobody else can or will - includes 13 hour shifts.

Retail Store Manager in Kewaunee:
Pros: Working with the people on a daily basis and never having the same day 2 times in a row.
Cons: It's very demanding and stressful at times.

Retail Store Manager in Seattle:
Pros: Helping people, fun atmosphere, coaching people to do better, selling.
Cons: Retail hours, coworkers who don't value their job.

Retail Store Manager in New York:
Pros: Managing store operations/efficiency.
Cons: Rude customers, poor upper management communication, disinterested co-workers, being unable to deliver sales results or train staff well, work conditions, lack of benefits, retail hours.

Retail Store Manager in Grand Rapids:
Pros: Most of our customers are come in because they love our products. Who doesn't like to be adored :) We are a happy place and for the most part work with young adults who enjoy their jobs, and enjoy being in each others company. When part of you job is to be happy and have fun, it's hard to not want to go into work.
Cons: Dealing with employee's that range from 18-55, most of our employee's are working part time while attending school, or this is a second job to get them through a rough patch in their life. So turn around is the most difficult part. Just when you think that you are staffed properly at one store, the other store goes through a change in staff, so we always feel like we are training. Cost of training is high.

Retail Store Manager in Albuquerque:
Pros: Networking. I meet some amazing people and am able to make them lifelong customers.
Cons: How repetitive and mundane the job can be. Unappreciated by owners and unable to grow inside and outside of work.