Retail Store Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Manager?

Retail Store Manager in Los Angeles:
Pros: I like the challenges is brings.
Cons: Very stressful. Long hours. Lack of HR department.

Retail Store Manager in Edgar:
Pros: Being in control and organizing the way things are ran.
Cons: Coworkers and scheduling around their limitations.

Retail Store Manager in Auckland:
"Opt manager BP."
Pros: Challenges, People, Experiences.
Cons: Daily disadvantages and lies from boss side instead of smooth and trust corporation. It makes work very difficult.

Retail Store Manager in Coeur d'Alene:
"Ordering keeping store clean and full."
Pros: We are a union job so befits are really good.
Cons: They want to only give a dime raise a year for 5 years.

Retail Store Manager in Baraboo:
Pros: I enjoy interacting with my subordinates, and they're all hard-working, enjoyable people. I like helping people improve their health, and communications and ordering are probably what I do best. When I'm directing, things go smoothly.
Cons: L feel like it's a dead end job, no room for advancement, and I'm not appreciated for the many hats I wear, and how I excel at everything I do. Also, I make a measly hourly rate, and have no health benefits, no 401k plan, no gym membership, no free coffee, no "benefits" at all.

Retail Store Manager in Kuwait:
"Anoying but exciting."
Pros: Got a chance to manage different type of nationalities, be able to lead and train them not only to be a good sales staff but also help them to grow and also get a chance to be promoted to a higher position.
Cons: The presure and the politics that I am facing with the senior people in the company.

Retail Store Manager in Atlanta:
"The tanning salon day to day."
Pros: I get to interact with other people daily. My job is rarely boring. Making commission and sales is kind of like a game for me so that part is fun.
Cons: I'm way over worked. I work between 50-60 hours most weeks. I work 14 hour days sometimes with no break and you're on your feet the whole time. I get to spend no time with my family and the company doesn't seem to care that you miss out on that time. Corporate seems to only do what's best for them. Our prices recently went down but we are punished for revenue decreasing as well. They increase profits by having salary employees increase hours so they don't increase their labor budget. I manage 2 locations as well, which isn't a problem but my assistant at my second location needs to go and my input isn't really mattered here.