Retail Store Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Manager?

Retail Store Manager in Lorain:
"Russell Cellular SSTM."
Interview, review the compensation, set a budget accordingly, then decide if it's worth it.

Retail Store Manager in Elyria:
"Very stressful horrible to employees."
Pros: Some customers can make coming to work worth while because they come because they have developed and relationship with you.
Cons: Store manager and above can make the place very stressful and make working there a living hell.

Retail Store Manager in Lancaster:
"Your business will be an education."
Be sure that your education and experiences have prepared you for this. You must be able to get along with almost anyone, courteously. You must be flexible and change your plans when you see what sells and what does not. You must be willing to cut prices when you buy items that fail to sell well. You must get something for everything you bring in. Cherish your repeat customers; ask them what they would like to see added to the store. Make sure that you have a bigger variety of items that you think you need, such as jewelry, to allow for all of the different tastes out there. Mark up enough to leave room for sale and clearance prices to clear out the slow moving items.

Retail Store Manager in Hawthorne:
"The lack of business knowledge of the owner."
To be organized and listen to the employees and the customers. Information is key running a successful business. Take suggestions and consider them.

Retail Store Manager in Council Bluffs:
"Working at a grocery store chain."
Pros: Good people and nice customers. Good benefits and sometimes quarterly bonus. Teach where I need to be taught and are fair.
Cons: Dont give managers enough leeway to disciple employees. Can be a lot of work but not enough help sometimes. High turmover rate.

Retail Store Manager in Torrance:
Pros: Very high competitive company. Advancement and working environment.
Cons: Too many changes, micro management by corporate.

Retail Store Manager in West Hartford:
"It's good to be queen."
Pros: Selling the product and pursuing customers into larger purchases.
Cons: Miscommunication with the owners of the business.