Retail Store Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Manager?

Retail Store Manager in Hillsdale:
Pros: Helping others.
Cons: Pay, disrespectful employees, no consideration from headquarters.

Retail Store Manager in Cedar Rapids:
"Store Manager."
Pros: Still in Health and Fitness.
Cons: Too many hours. High stress.

Retail Store Manager in Deming:
"It's great helping people with their projects."
Pros: I enjoy being able to help people with their home project or commercial project. Being able to get them what they need helps to know that you were a part of something they were doing to make things better.
Cons: It's retail, open 7 days a week and as a manager you are always on call so typically there isn't a day off. After working for a while a schedule is set and getting the right staff in place helps and allows for time off, but the store is always busy.

Retail Store Manager in Hayward:
Pros: My team members.
Cons: Dealing with rude customers.

Retail Store Manager in Zelienople:
"Interesting but highly demanding work."
Pros: Interacting with customers.
Cons: Dealing with employees.

Retail Store Manager in Camarillo:
"Serious stress."
Pros: Culture. The product. Company mantra. Leadership. Company tools. The industry relations we are given the opportunity to build. The owners of the brands we sell that we get to meet and converse with. Team builders. Company events.
Cons: The amount of LP we are responsible for. Minimal time off. Work all holidays. Stress levels.

Retail Store Manager in Council Bluffs:
"Working at a grocery store chain."
Pros: Good people and nice customers. Good benefits and sometimes quarterly bonus. Teach where I need to be taught and are fair.
Cons: Dont give managers enough leeway to disciple employees. Can be a lot of work but not enough help sometimes. High turmover rate.