Retail Store Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Manager?

Retail Store Manager in Los Angeles:
Having an energetic and positive attitude makes for an all around enjoyable workplace for your employees and attracts more customers which in turn boosts sales.

Retail Store Manager in Seguin:
"Company has unrealistic expectations."
Pros: The co-worker relationship is good.
Cons: Stress, corporate office has no sense of reality.

Retail Store Manager in Lorain:
"Russell Cellular SSTM."
Interview, review the compensation, set a budget accordingly, then decide if it's worth it.

Retail Store Manager in Elyria:
"Very stressful horrible to employees."
Pros: Some customers can make coming to work worth while because they come because they have developed and relationship with you.
Cons: Store manager and above can make the place very stressful and make working there a living hell.

Retail Store Manager in Hawthorne:
"The lack of business knowledge of the owner."
To be organized and listen to the employees and the customers. Information is key running a successful business. Take suggestions and consider them.

Retail Store Manager in Council Bluffs:
"Working at a grocery store chain."
Pros: Good people and nice customers. Good benefits and sometimes quarterly bonus. Teach where I need to be taught and are fair.
Cons: Dont give managers enough leeway to disciple employees. Can be a lot of work but not enough help sometimes. High turmover rate.

Retail Store Manager in Torrance:
Pros: Very high competitive company. Advancement and working environment.
Cons: Too many changes, micro management by corporate.