Retail Store Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Manager?

Retail Store Manager in Lancaster:
"I enjoy it very much. I learn something new everyday."

Retail Store Manager in St. Louis:
"Wish I knew the company was going to take the bonus incentiv."
To get everything the company is offering you put into your welcome offer letter.

Retail Store Manager in Tupelo:
"I make the door swing."
Have passion for what you sale, set goals higher than you are comfortable with, it is better to hire drive and ambition, rather than previous experience.

Retail Store Manager in Clinton:
"Deborah review."
Pros: Ever changing customers and challenge.
Cons: Corporate and district manager behavior toward store employees.

Retail Store Manager in Hayward:
Pros: My team members.
Cons: Dealing with rude customers.

Retail Store Manager in Chapel Hill:
Pros: Merchandising, customer service, associate relations.
Cons: Corporate micromanagement.

Retail Store Manager in Zelienople:
"Interesting but highly demanding work."
Pros: Interacting with customers.
Cons: Dealing with employees.