Retail Store Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Manager?

Retail Store Manager in Suffolk:
"Office depot."
Pros: Back when it was office max they cared about the things we did now not so much.
Cons: Long hours, long commute, poor company standards.

Retail Store Manager in Deming:
"It's great helping people with their projects."
Pros: I enjoy being able to help people with their home project or commercial project. Being able to get them what they need helps to know that you were a part of something they were doing to make things better.
Cons: It's retail, open 7 days a week and as a manager you are always on call so typically there isn't a day off. After working for a while a schedule is set and getting the right staff in place helps and allows for time off, but the store is always busy.

Retail Store Manager in Caseville:
"Good alot on the plate."
Pros: My customers being in a leadership role.
Cons: Working long hours at times one day off a week.

Retail Store Manager in Worcester:
Pros: The overall store and generally the people.
Cons: The unqualified help and the theft.

Retail Store Manager in Albany:
FIND A WAY TO LIVE LIFE AND WORK. Do not allow work to drive your life through a black whole. Never stop learning as much as you can and try to find work that you can be passionate about.

Retail Store Manager in Seattle:
"The company values no one."
Pros: The people are work with are mostly enjoyable.
Cons: Underpaid, overworked. They change their minds constantly. They expect so much, but give nothing in return.

Retail Store Manager in Howell:
"How much yearly raises were."
Make sure you find out what the company gives for yearly raises.