Safety Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Safety Manager?

Safety Manager in Shell Beach:
Pros: Beautiful area with alot of sun shine and great weather, my family is local.
Cons: Housing is scarse and very expensive.

Safety Manager in Livermore:
"Government work."
Pros: Flexible schedule, good pay, work is rewarding, lots of power to effect change within the organization.
Cons: Can be a very stressful environment, political nature (have to be very PC and deal with very gossip like environment where everybody knows everything), slow to get projects started or completed.

Safety Manager in Slidell:
Pros: Taking care of patients and being involved in their care as a critical team member. Compassionate Care Giving on a Higher Quality Level. The concept of the Power of One. Perks, continued education reimbursement when qualified for.
Cons: Being treated like my job is a joke by many staff members. Undermined in my capabilities as a Patient Safety Attendant. Being called" just a sitter", then asked to perform other higher paid positions job duties for the same pay.

Safety Manager in Redwood Falls:
"Stop Accidents and Injuries."
If you can figure out why accidents and injuries are happening and get upper management to listen and stop accidents and injuries you will be a success.

Safety Manager in Paris:
It's all in the details, and treat others the way you would want to be treated. No better, no worse.

Safety Manager in Phoenix:
"Key roll."
Pros: Now workers are train in a language they fully understand, they can ask question without worrying they won't be understood, communication between office and field has improved a lot.
Cons: Not the same benefits as other management positions. No vehicle allowance, no cell phone, no vacation. No formal title within the company.

Safety Manager in Ames:
"Safety Culture."
Pros: Working with people and instructing safety classes.
Cons: Office work and filing records electronically.