Safety Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Safety Manager?

Safety Manager in New Lisbon, Wisconsin:
"Very Good."
Pros: small town feel
Cons: Long commute

Safety Manager in Newbern, Tennessee:
Pros: Ability to keep people safe.
Cons: Everything you do and say is questioned. Upper Management likes to point fingers blame others.

Safety Manager in St. Louis, Missouri:
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Weather

Safety Manager in Purvis:
"Its a great job! Close to home. It is very stressful at time."
Pros: I am close to home. The company is family oriented.
Cons: It is very stressful keeping up with the new rules. That seem to change constantly.

Safety Manager in Fort Lauderdale:
"What I have learn."
Safety training is a good start for the beginning stages of safety, but in my experience they will only be aware of safety as long as a supervisor or trainer is near. I believe that for employee’s to get the most out of SAFETY we need to apply a safety CULTURE/BEHAVIOR to our employee’s and this start from the top of the company all the way down to the new employee's. There are a few things that I would implement. 1. To encourage and motivate its employee's to make safety and awareness their highest priorities. 2. Recognizing that 95% of all accidents are preventable and only usually occur following unsafe actions or a failure to follow established procedures. 3. Always setting targets for continuous improvement, with a goal of zero Unsafe Acts/Preventable Incidents. So what we want to hit on is encouragement, motivation, recognition, preventable, continuous improvement and goals.

Safety Manager in Fort Worth:
"Safety Careers."
Pros: Coaching and being a part of different teams. Building a culture which is about people.
Cons: The position is stressful, and the commute is horrible.

Safety Manager in Santa Fe Springs:
"Great Place."
Pros: Very nice weather and atmosphere. The people are considerate. Low traffic rates.
Cons: Not very commercialized, the city hall and surrounding buildings are quite outdated.