Safety Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Safety Manager?

Safety Manager in Salt Lake City:
Training training training.. People assume you know the osha books by memory, you don't it's more than the bible. Study, don't ever stop.

Safety Manager in Myrtle Beach:
"Take knowledge and apply it to your everyday."
Training is key. Educate them and give them the tools necessary to achieve success while keeping themselves and everyone around them SAFE!! All accidents are preventable and it is better to train everyone even knowing there is a possibility of turnover rather than no training and they end up staying. It's worth every minute.

Safety Manager in California City:
"I like very much, in this job."
Pros: I worked hard but I interested with the fantastic job.
Cons: I would like to be able at your help with a few weeks.

Safety Manager in Maple Grove:
"Plant Safety Manager."
Pros: Doing something different everyday.
Cons: Not getting paid what the position is worth.

Safety Manager in Corpus Christi:
Get your support/authority in writing.

Safety Manager in Houston:
"The amount of babysitting you have to put up with from adult."
I am disappointed that today we baby sit more than we should. We should be leading and managing projects and manufacturing more than just safety. Safety was seen as a cost historically, but of late with the major incidents in the Gulf of Mexico, along the Gulf States and elsewhere, we should begin to be seen as an asset and needed.

Safety Manager in Odessa:
"Safety Managment."
Pros: Conversing with workers letting them know the hazards at a job site learning from each other.