Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in Las Vegas:
"Starting Job."
Pros: Kmart is a great first job when you first start working.
Cons: They try to downsize their amount t of employees. That's why some associates have 2-3 departments a night.

Sales Associate in Kernersville:
"The selling time is on the phone."
Be patient.

Sales Associate in East Point:
Pros: Employees are nice and offer rides some days.
Cons: Under paid, over worked, not enough of hours, and the commute to work.

Sales Associate in Wilmington:
Pros: Flexible hours, hands-on work, near McDonald's or Carolina Girls for lunch or buy food in store.
Cons: They don't really trust their employees as they claim, some of the rules they have inconvenience the employees and/or customers, stores are shorthanded (often only two people on a shift), cashier has to deal with extremely outdated register (maybe 20+/- years old), etc.

Sales Associate in Fort Collins:
"I work for family."
Pros: Meeting and talking to new people. The chase of the sale.
Cons: Disorganized, not efficient, stress, pay,

Sales Associate in Daphne:
"My job is great."
Pros: My co workers and atmosphere , we make money fun.
Cons: Nothing really , my job is fun and great , we have a blast at making money.

Sales Associate in Collegeville:
"Put away returns/go-back, stock shelves, back-up cashier."
Pros: Casual dress, as long as you wear a vest and name tag.
Cons: The hours for me are mainly nights and weekends.