Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in Raleigh:
Pros: Busy.
Cons: Late hours and weekends.

Sales Associate in New Orleans:
"Working in sales."
Pros: I love that I get to help people, and that I'm giving myself unselfishly everyday.
Cons: The hours are crazy, the older people who've been working with the company for a longer period get seniority on hours, while the new people work like slaves basically.

Sales Associate in Palm Harbor:
Pros: Meeting new people.
Cons: The stress to sell.

Sales Associate in Hasbrouck Heights:
Pros: Ita a friendly place to work where people care about you.
Cons: It's dirty and time consuming and over critical.

Sales Associate in Joliet:
"Making it as a sales associate."
Pros: Commissions can be goid.
Cons: Long hours.

Sales Associate in Frisco:
Pros: Speaking with people.
Cons: Slow season.

Sales Associate in Derry:
"File, file, file."
Pros: I find that there is a methodology in the madness of paperwork filing. Finding that methodology is an experience and builds a person into a refined character, capable of thinking on their feet in order to best impact the process being used. In my job it is ever changing and susceptible to new ways of perfecting our business process.
Cons: I wish I had more direct contact with customers and their automobiles in the field. I find paper work to be extreamly repettitive and after spending much time stationary, all I wish to do is keep an active and lively life.