Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in Madison:
"Challenging, but exciting."
Pros: Everyday is different, and I am constantly moving. I get to help customers find exactly what they want.
Cons: There are customers that are rude or difficult.

Sales Associate in Culver City:
Pros: I love how flexible my schedule is. I am able to chose to switch shifts or give away shifts in order to fit my personal schedule. Most of the time I am not supervised by a manager and this allows me to take my own initiative on my own to-do list at work, along with making me feel comfortable on making decisions to keep the floor running smoothly.
Cons: My job is base on attendance points, so even as life happens, you still lose points. If your balance is zero, you are automatically fire. Store expectations are some times unreal or underestimated, either way, the employees get the pressure. On busy days, managers believe that we can be on the floor answering questions for costumers, picking up clothes from the floor, doing go backs, checking fitting rooms every hour and in reality we are just stuck on the register helping out a long line of costumers to checkout.

Sales Associate in Olongapo City:
"Good customer service."
Pros: I like talking to customers and giving them the best assistance I can make. I like having communication with them (sales talk) while giving them the best products we have. Introducing new products is great and easy to sell because most of the customers like the latest arrival and design.
Cons: Being disappointed when I cannot make the customer buy. For that I felt a little bit upset when I gave all my effort giving them the best shot (sales talk ).

Sales Associate in Livermore:
Pros: -Really chill. -Some people are nice. -A calm place to work at.
Cons: -Low pay. -Asked to clean too much. -Having to mop every twice a week. -No set hours. -Unorganized company. -Cheap. -Employees only get a 30% discount off the clothes in the store.

Sales Associate in College Station:
Pros: I enjoy talking with customers, training new employees, helping co-workers with their tasks, and learning about fashion.
Cons: My boss can be hard to work for. It is a lot of work for little pay.

Sales Associate in Cleveland:
Pros: The pay that I receive and the fast pace work.
Cons: The hours I receive and the times that I have to work are not good.

Sales Associate in Fremont:
"It's a bit dissapointing."
Pros: Getting to know people and help them solve problems with technology.
Cons: The amount of time I spend not doing.