Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in Montgomery:
Pros: I love the atmosphere. The interaction with new friendly people in a day to day base. I like the fact that I get to make someone's day special.
Cons: There is always a problem were there is sometimes not enough workers willing to work their scheduled hours. When they are scheduled to. Management has had to many changes once became apart of company.

Sales Associate in Carmel:
"I was doing training in stores like sears a."
I good in folding an in like if a customer ask for an item. I will tell them where is at an to try it them self.

Sales Associate in Gretna:
"Sales Associate Atmospher."
Pros: Great current managers. Flexible scheduling. Minimal stress.
Cons: Uncompleted training by prior manager.

Sales Associate in College Station:
Pros: I enjoy talking with customers, training new employees, helping co-workers with their tasks, and learning about fashion.
Cons: My boss can be hard to work for. It is a lot of work for little pay.

Sales Associate in Cleveland:
Pros: The pay that I receive and the fast pace work.
Cons: The hours I receive and the times that I have to work are not good.

Sales Associate in Fremont:
"It's a bit dissapointing."
Pros: Getting to know people and help them solve problems with technology.
Cons: The amount of time I spend not doing.

Sales Associate in King of Prussia:
Pros: Interacting with the customers and finding the perfect watch for them. I also like my coworkers.
Cons: I dont get paid enough, I do not have enough hours.