Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in Daphne:
"My job is great."
Pros: My co workers and atmosphere , we make money fun.
Cons: Nothing really , my job is fun and great , we have a blast at making money.

Sales Associate in San Antonio:
"Sales associate for family buisness."
Pros: Flexible schedule, time off ,little supervision.
Cons: Dramatic family members self included and employees who are over tasked who are not always sure about their job description.

Sales Associate in Adairsville:
"A Perfect Fit."
Pros: Of all the various work-related tasks, my favorite is a perfectly successful sale. Despite the daily drudgery of answering the same questions over and over again, when the sale is complete and the product properly delivered and installed, I find satisfaction in my customers level of satisfaction. Helping people is what I enjoy the most.
Cons: Irrelevant complications with orders... In the same manner that a waiter/waitress finds that all things guest-related have gone perfectly from said wait-staffs perspective only to find that, somewhere in the process the specifics requested by the guest were forgotten, I feel quite dysfunctional when orders go awry due to things beyond my control. Keeping calm and correcting the problem, both internally and externally, while being cursed from head to toe is a challenge.

Sales Associate in Haslet:
"The Struggle."
Pros: Some management is really nice.
Cons: We get yelled at for no reason. I have many departments that I work in yet I still get paid less than a cashier my same age.

Sales Associate in Palo Alto:
"Work flexibility,"
Pros: Help people to be happy.
Cons: Salary.

Sales Associate in San Diego:
Pros: Flexibility, no micromanaging.
Cons: Terrible leadership, no training, no feedback.

Sales Associate in Dallas:
"Comfortable & Convenient."
Pros: Great social environment. Great people. Kind management and colleagues.
Cons: High expectations and little support. Stern discipline without comparable incentive.