Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in San Diego:
"Low stress."
Pros: Busy, not boring, lots of different jobs to do during each shift.
Cons: Low pay, minimal or slow advancement.

Sales Associate in Northridge:
"Not that great."
Pros: My co workers are amazing. 25% discount on everything including sephora.
Cons: Management is the absolute worst. They never back you up. They're all a bunch of contradictions,

Sales Associate in Livermore:
Pros: -Really chill. -Some people are nice. -A calm place to work at.
Cons: -Low pay. -Asked to clean too much. -Having to mop every twice a week. -No set hours. -Unorganized company. -Cheap. -Employees only get a 30% discount off the clothes in the store.

Sales Associate in Wilmington:
"Still feeling this place out."
Pros: The bonuses given for good customer service the when we celebrate holidays.
Cons: No coverage. Usually running the whole lumber department myself. Micro managing employees who take there jobs way to serious.

Sales Associate in Roseville:
Pros: Good experience working with customers.
Cons: I do not get enough hours. Am not always treated fairly.

Sales Associate in Anaheim:
"Sales sales."
Pros: You tell me.
Cons: Your almost done.

Sales Associate in Hayward:
"So so."
Pros: Work with diverse group of people.
Cons: Not challenging enough.