Security Officer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Security Officer?

Security Officer in Santa Clarita:
"Not very satisfying."
Pros: Meeting nice and polite people of different cultures and countries.
Cons: I dont get weekends off, its difficult to confirm I have a day off if requested often left with no reply. Bad communication between higher ups leave me confused on what my assignment is.

Security Officer in San Diego:
"Security officer."
Pros: Experiance.
Cons: The pay.

Security Officer in Salt Lake City:
"Oversee internal fraud program."
Pros: Great environment. Interesting work. Work is recognized and makes a difference.
Cons: Politics and management's lack of support.

Security Officer in Kokomo:
"Ebbs and Flows."
Pros: Depending on the facility, it can be a breeze and very quiet.
Cons: Often encounter disrespectful and/or spiteful people who are purely anti-authority.

Security Officer in Jackson:
"Prior experience, but new at working in field."
Pros: Help for public safety.
Cons: Nothing.

Security Officer in Albany:
Pros: Close to where I reside. Not much of an issue coming into work. Has a lot of over time.
Cons: This job can be unsafe at times. Management wont listen to you. Employees in the department can not be trusted.

Security Officer in Helena:
"Security and customer service."
Pros: I like serving the client and customers with the best care I can give them. It is my job to make sure they are secure in there work place. I enjoy the customers and employee's and I take pride in assuring there needs, safety, and customer service. Knowing this is accomplished gives me a good feeling of satisfaction.
Cons: IAt times it can be abit slow, however I find chores, cleaning or other to over come this.