Security Officer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Security Officer?

Security Officer in Hutchinson:
"Absolute idiots!"
Pros: You have a horrible job that may or may not pay at least most of your bills but you will never have any more.
Cons: My entire chain of command are absolutely moronic! They have cost the company money, they lie every chance they get, they do not even do their job, and then they blame you for their screw ups. You will hate your life after working for them for even 3 months. They have made threats of termination even though my job performance is top notch. I called in sick following the protocol and got written up even though it was my first time calling in over a year of working for them. I constantly pick up after my supervisor and he takes all the credit. To put it bluntly: If anybody else at Allied Barton got hurt or worse I wouldn't even acknowledge it. They are the scum of the Earth!

Security Officer in Dallas:
"Pass it On."
Pay close attention to details. Listen to what is being said, not just the words.. Ask questions when you are unsure of policy and procedure. Don't bring your home troubles with you on the job. Be proactive in what your responsiblies entail. Ask your supervisor if you may showdow him/her when you have a least a years experience. Be a team player. When asking about a problem you may have, give an example of what you think would work. He/she will know that at least you have given it thought or researched it before asking. If you need to know about your benefits, get with Human Resourses. They will have the answers that you are inquiring about. Encourage people who have experience in their career, to seek higher levels of employment or education.

Security Officer in Duluth:
"It sucks."
Pros: Nothing at all. No pay. No benefits. Treated like garbage.
Cons: Every single thing. See above answer.

Security Officer in Tampa:
Read, explore, navigate, observe, discover and research everything possible and impossible about security technology daily and continue being very extra attentive in its intuitive atmosphere daily, and always keep an open mind for advancement learning and educational youthful security safety information that are offered or volunteered by its neighbors of modern society randomly.

Security Officer in Hollywood:
Get new job to enhance your knowledge of the world.

Security Officer in Albany:
Pros: Close to where I reside. Not much of an issue coming into work. Has a lot of over time.
Cons: This job can be unsafe at times. Management wont listen to you. Employees in the department can not be trusted.

Security Officer in Hutchinson:
Pros: The people that we service are polite especially at night. Its peaceful.
Cons: The employees during the day are just in a rush it seems. Like dont pay no mind to the low level security guard. Like they are better because they are doing something that actually matters for energy and we are just here looking pretty in a metal badge.