Security Officer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Security Officer?

Security Officer in modimolle:
"Its pretty good and we can sleep rest assured."
Cons: Its high risk.

Security Officer in San Diego:
Pros: I work in a professional environment.
Cons: Not enough Officers to cover shifts.

Security Officer in Cullman:
"The time that I work is flexible."
Pros: Work flexibility, and the shift I work.
Cons: Stress of the job.

Security Officer in Philadelphia:
"Life as a security officer."
Pros: My job as a security officer is comfortable, easy and there is a nice atmopshere here. I'm tasked with greeting visitors and I get to met a lot of nice people. Yet also I'm left to relax and enjoy myself when things get slow. It's not hard work just something you have to be there everyday for.
Cons: The job itself is great. Some of the supervisors in particular one, is not. There was no actual training just how to properly fill out forms so most of it I had to learn on the job. One supervisor expected me to know a lot of information about the site I was working at yet I was never provided the information or informed I needed to know this. This same supervisor ridculed me, mocked me, and just in general made fun of me. He assumed it was ok given he does the same with everyone else around with all their goofing around. I was also expected to be able to memorize a car's make, model and plates as they come by incase something goes wrong. There was many little incidents like those mentioned above where I just wasn't trained and expected to know how to do this. Mind you this is my first security job, ever. I have no military training, police training, self defense training, firearm training, nothing! Absolutely nothing.

Security Officer in Sacramento:
"Very degrading and people do not respect us."
Pros: That we know we are trying to protect a billion dollar company from very possible threats that are visible every day.
Cons: That we work in a very hostile work environment and that there is obvious corruption within the department all the way up to the higher ups in the company. Does not give that feel that we are working for an honest or safe environment.

Security Officer in Houston:
Pros: The people and kids I watch over at my location.
Cons: They have nothing to offer, but a job and now health benefits.

Security Officer in Dover:
Pros: The interaction with all types of people.