Security Officer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Security Officer?

Security Officer in Helena:
"Security and customer service."
Pros: I like serving the client and customers with the best care I can give them. It is my job to make sure they are secure in there work place. I enjoy the customers and employee's and I take pride in assuring there needs, safety, and customer service. Knowing this is accomplished gives me a good feeling of satisfaction.
Cons: IAt times it can be abit slow, however I find chores, cleaning or other to over come this.

Security Officer in Vernal:
"Never A Dull Moment. Good Employers, Good Peers."
Pros: It's a good job for retired military people. We use many of the same skills we learned in the military: teamwork, attention to details, following directions, taking pride in our work, and keeping the customer satisfied. Variety of venues.
Cons: It's not so much a physical job as it is mentally taxing. It can be boring but it can also be very exciting.

Security Officer in New York:
"I dont care to work as an security officer."
Pros: I mostly enjoyed the not having anyone looking over my shoulders.
Cons: I find it to be very lonely at times.

Security Officer in Washington:
"Always Use The Golden Rule."
Pros: I like working as a team among other officers, meeting new people, learning new skills and the pay isn't bad.
Cons: Each day is different so some days can be long and boring while other days can go by fairly quick. Depending on where you'll be working you may have to stand for long periods of time. However, if you find yourself in a position where you may have sit for extended periods of time, you might end up fighting sleep.

Security Officer in Washington:
"Always Use The Golden Rule."
Pros: I really like working in a team environment among other officers, I also enjoy meeting new people and learning new information.
Cons: Each day is different so you never know what to expect. Some days can be long and boring, while other days can go by really quickly.

Security Officer in Lancaster:
Pros: Meet people.
Cons: Problems with un-ruly teen-agers.