Security Officer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Security Officer?

Security Officer in North Miami:
"Work for 1years and 7months no raise."
They lie to you tell you, that you get a raise in six months and that's not true. I been working 1yrs.and seven months still no raise. Work 12 to 18 hours a day and only 30 minutes lunch sometime 15min. Treat you a dog.

Security Officer in Kokomo:
"Ebbs and Flows."
Pros: Depending on the facility, it can be a breeze and very quiet.
Cons: Often encounter disrespectful and/or spiteful people who are purely anti-authority.

Security Officer in Aiea:
"Work a true 8 hour shift."
Learn the policies and stick to them. You get paid to do a job, don't slack. Don't let unfocused people influence you.

Security Officer in St. Louis:
While doing, start going to school to get your degree.

Security Officer in Jackson:
"Prior experience, but new at working in field."
Pros: Help for public safety.
Cons: Nothing.

Security Officer in Seattle:
"Life is like a box of chacolate, you never no wat u gona get."
Be Coachable, patience, self motivation and ask question.

Security Officer in Boston:
"Wonderful company to work for."
Pros: Great management, plenty of overtime available, good uniforms, quality co-workers, exclusive/selective hiring allows for a higher-quality of security officers being hired which means most people show up on time and know what they are doing, they have company vehicles, decent benefits, health insurance packages available, weekly pay, intelligent website and pay monitoring software, and excellent training programs that allow you to walk into work feeling confident about your ability to complete your assigned tasks.
Cons: Sometimes it can be boring, I don't feel challenged most of the time, and it's not my dream job.