Senior Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Graphic Designer?

Senior Graphic Designer in Palm Springs:
"Designing for a purpose."
Pros: Working in the public sector to effectively communicate and connect to its communities.
Cons: Management has trouble organizing and I’ve taking on that burden to meet deadlines effectively which adds on stress level.

Senior Graphic Designer in Washington:
"Migrants for Hire."
Pros: I live in Western Maryland but I at times commute to the Ashburn, VA area for work, currently. I used to commute directly into DC via the slug line. It was a very good commuting system and it helped to prolong the life of your car by cutting down on the wear and tear of driving in. I also liked working in the heart of the city because there were so many places to eat during lunch, and the scenery was beautiful. Also, the bottom line, the money is great.
Cons: Having to commute into the city; the stress of the commute and work environments; open space work environments I thought were counterproductive to my type of job (Graphic Design / Conceptualizing). The cost of living is pretty expensive.

Senior Graphic Designer in Seattle:
"Freaking love it."
Pros: Compared to Macedonia, this is paradise.
Cons: No complaints. Commute is a little bit rough but manageable.

Senior Graphic Designer in Sarasota:
"Surviving Artist 🎨"
I love what I do so much so that I forget I work my life away for very little pay. I'm an artist what can I say. I want to see my art around the world 🌎 sometimes you have to give a little to get a little just to show people what is possible. People don't know what you can do until you do it and then you become that much more valuable to them when they see a finished product. What do you want out of your career? Go get it. I love working as a Sr. Graphic Designer because I get to be apart of the whole process and see a product come to life. I'm always learning new things and making decisions for myself and as a group. The art of business takes a group of people working simultaneously to survive and thrive. Bringing a business from thousands to millions to eventually billions.

Senior Graphic Designer in Minnetonka:
Pros: I do not work in Minnetonka. I work in minneapolis.

Senior Graphic Designer in St. Charles:
Pros: I'm able to complete errands on my lunch hour as there are many stores in the area. There is also a walking trail close by the office to take walks at lunch time.
Cons: It is too far from home. The commute is hard on myself, family and car.

Senior Graphic Designer in Sioux Falls:
Pros: Traffic is easy, flexible, small enough to get to kids fast if needed big enough to have good living...
Cons: Industry is so tight and networking is great until you know everyone who knows someone you work with or your own bosses. Not good if looking to climb the ladder.