Senior Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Graphic Designer?

Senior Graphic Designer in Appleton:
"Great Culture."
Pros: Appleton is a very open-minded area that encourages the arts and food. There is always something to do if you take the time to look for it.
Cons: I wish there was more local hiking.

Senior Graphic Designer in Seattle:
"It's a busy city in a beautiful landscape."
Pros: Traveling by ferry every day.
Cons: Traffic. Cost of Living.

Senior Graphic Designer:
The management at Seagull Scientific exemplifies mediocrity. Values prompt excellence from the CEO down, but actions counter values and display motivations 180º opposed to overall corporate excellence.

Senior Graphic Designer in Calabasas:
"Calabasas office life."
Pros: Pretty / nice environment
Cons: Not too much to do for fun

Senior Graphic Designer in Monterey:
"Quiet and Charming."
Pros: Quiet and Charming
Cons: Fog

Senior Graphic Designer in Las Vegas:
"Great salary to COL ratio."
Pros: Low cost of living, and reasonable uncontested rods for commute

Senior Graphic Designer in New York:
Pros: The amount of opportunity.
Cons: The constant rat race.