Senior Graphic Designer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Graphic Designer?

Senior Graphic Designer in Cincinnati:
"How busy it would be!"
Take lots of notes and don't forget about creative exploration!

Senior Graphic Designer in Spokane:
"Have mouse, will travel."
It's not about your skills and experience, knowledge or talent. It comes down to whether you are a good fit for the company. I was prepared to move to a new town, but it was not possible. I knew I could not keep driving 200 miles a day to keep the appearance that I lived there.

Senior Graphic Designer in Urbandale:
"Want an exciting career? This probably isn't it."
My advice to anyone considering a career in graphic design would be to consider ALL OTHER OPTIONS FIRST. Or be damn sure this is your passion if you won't consider others. It's a touch career. It's tough to find something decent, the pay is terrible, you are the person that will have to carry out the ridiculous timing promises made by others which can mean long nights and hours. If you MUST do design, I encourage you to look into web design. At least the pay is better. This is just soul crushing work. I thought I'd be doing something more exciting the designing open enrollment newsletters, but this is the reality folks. Not everyone can be creating award winning magazine spreads or billboards. Most of us just do normal stuff that people don't even think of as "design" in the grand scheme of things.

Senior Graphic Designer in St. Louis:
"Doesn't pay enough."
Organization is a must. Always keep improving yourself. Patience is a virtue. Fear is the thief of all dreams. Reach higher.

Senior Graphic Designer in Santa Rosa:
"Being creative takes practice."
Enjoy technology and never be afraid to use new methods or programs to achieve the clients needs. The greatest feeling of accomplishment is with the impact your talents lead to in making a difference for a business and their customers.

Senior Graphic Designer in Wheeling:
"It's ok. Nothing exceptional."
Do what you love.

Senior Graphic Designer in Midland:
"Fast-paced, full of change,"