Server Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Server?

Server in Hammond:
Pros: I like my coworkers for the most part.
Cons: You encountered rude people often.

Server in Jupiter:
Pros: Free food. Good coworkers. Mostly get the times I want to work.
Cons: The complaining from the residents, the terrible supervisor quality, the poor pay.

Server in Detroit:
"It can be stressful but very rewarding."
Pros: Meeting new people and being able to make their dining experience fun.
Cons: Taxes taking my checks. Spotty payment (good vs. Bad day) in other words slow days I make less money or get sent home early.

Server in Fargo:
Pros: That every time I work is a different experience.
Cons: The inevitability of having to deal with unhappy people.

Server in Orlando:
"Working there."
Pros: Flexible schedule, discounts on food and merchandise.
Cons: Everyone has to fight for hours, inexpensive meals mean small gratuities.

Server in Marietta:
"Funny Lady."
Pros: Meeting and interacting with people.
Cons: The lack of working as a team.

Server in Port Charlotte:
Pros: I enjoy the hours, money, and scheduling such as time in.
Cons: The money varies, the out time is late, the stress load take on is very hard to deal with at times. Management is constantly changing as well as new people. Guests are also complicated to deal with when they themselves, are not in the best mood.