Server Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Server?

Server in Lubbock:
"Its A College Job."
Pros: Flexible for me to study. Makes good money during college football season.
Cons: Nothing.

Server in Las Vegas:
"Primm valley golf club."
Pros: Flexibility.
Cons: You must multi task throughout your whole shift.

Server in Lee's Summit:
Pros: I not only get to serve the residents up their food but I also make their day and make them as happy as possible.
Cons: I dislike the way some of my coworkers don't respect that its the residents home and we are there to help them not just get paid.

Server in Flourtown:
"A Work Environment That Can Be Very Stressful With Low Pay."
Cons: Other department's work is frequently shirked onto my department. We are one of the hardest working part-time departments, and also the lowest payed.

Server in Northlake:
Pros: Treated really well there and good schedule.
Cons: Too much walking and a lot of drama.