Software Developer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Software Developer?

Software Developer in New York:
"Know when to quit."
Do not work for too little for too long.

Software Developer in Los Angeles:
Pros: The culture, environment, and challenge.
Cons: The stress, clients, uncertainty.

Software Developer in Richmond:
"Software Developer."
Pros: I like the freedom that I have with my position. I've been given the responsibility to manage my own time on current projects, and really don't have upper management breathing down my neck. I enjoy being able to explore different solutions to many of the issues that I run into and enjoy being able to see and idea come to live by my skills.
Cons: I dislike the stress that can come with being a software developer. There are many times that clients expect very tight deadlines for a project that requires far more work than they want, which can cause a dip into working late some nights. At my place of work, I also have to keep in direct contact with clients. Though this has its own advantages of expressing issues with the program directly, it also leads to a possibility of being bombarded by pointless emails and constant check-ins for status updates, which can decrease productivity when interruptions happen too often.

Software Developer in Layton:
Pros: Challenging work, great coworkers, jobs with purpose.
Cons: Management mis-management, no investment in employee development.

Software Developer in Pensacola:
"I love my job."
Pros: I solve problems every day. I love the people that I work for. I love the people that I work with. I love this company.
Cons: I know that I get paid less than other people who do my job.

Software Developer in Edison:
"I like it most of the time."
Pros: I get to challenge myself on a daily basis. I get to learn new things.
Cons: I do have to work late nights and weekends from time to time (Code Releases to Production/ On-call). Staring at a computer screen all day being stuck in a cube isn't really ideal all of the time.

Software Developer in Cedar Rapids:
"Good job, underpaid staff."
Pros: I enjoy the challenge provided by the current mindset of the workplace and the fast-paced work of a financial institution.
Cons: The IT workers in my segment of the organization are chronically underpaid when considering the type of work and qualifications each person does and has.