Software Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Developer?

Software Developer in New York:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Flexibility location, multiple clients, new projects, requirements change all the time, so have to learn new stuff.
Cons: Can no learn solid skills, busy on coding, no improving.

Software Developer in Conway:
"Flexibility, excitement, impact."
Pros: Solving challenging problems.
Cons: Occasionally a bit nebulous.

Software Developer in Houston:
Pros: The challenges and the respect of my peers.
Cons: The lack of advancement opportunities.

Software Developer in Lee's Summit:
"Be Prepared To Learn."
Always learn new things. Try out new things. Set up new servers, build a website from scratch, test out a new language, test another one, build a new software tool. Read technical articles. Play logic games. Keep moving forward.

Software Developer in Albany:
Pros: Close to home. Very friendly Co workers.
Cons: Not good pay. No communication with management.

Software Developer in Washington:
"Challenging in the most interesting way possible."
Pros: I have the privilege and necessity of learning something new every day. I feel like I get to fully be myself, I.e. I have the autonomy of contributing to the vision of the company in all the aspects for which I take initiative. This includes our product but also our culture and internal processes. And it's fun.
Cons: Our highest company value is hard work, which cultivates a deep sense of responsibility to one another. When you get to understanding how your teammates depend on you, it's hard to not work all the time out of respect for them. This hinders maintaining a normal work-life balance.

Software Developer in Sterling:
"Technical Software programming and Arthiotechture."
Be the master of Basics Tech skills.