Software Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Developer?

Software Developer in New York:
"Getting paid to solve puzzles."
Pros: The job is very self motivated and self regulated. For the most part I show up when I feel it is necessary, and I leave when the day's work is done. The pay is great, especially for someone fresh out of undergrad. I feel like I am doing exactly what I was trained to do in school, and I enjoy solving puzzles every day. The flexibility to work from home is also a huge plus.
Cons: I can get bogged down in sitting behind a computer alone for days on end, underutilizing my prized soft skills. Work can sometimes take significantly longer than anticipated, sometimes requiring 12+ hour shifts. Due to the nature of production support I am also on call in the early hours or weekends sometimes.

Software Developer in Bay Springs:
Pros: The type of work and the people.
Cons: No clearly communicated plan.

Software Developer in Tucson:
Pros: Learning all the time. Never Bored.
Cons: Underpaid. Long hours.

Software Developer in San Francisco:
Pros: Problem solving, software development.
Cons: Commute, low salary.

Software Developer in Baton Rouge:
Pros: Relaxed atmosphere, tasks are project oriented, the tasks involve designing something (web or windows applications with databases)
Cons: The job can be exhausting mentally.

Software Developer in Cincinnati:
"Independent decision making."
Pros: Coding, choosing my own technology.
Cons: No perks, overtime.