Sous Chef Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sous Chef?

Sous Chef in Milford:
"It fine."
Pros: The elderly people.
Cons: The work needed done for the pay rate I'm at.

Sous Chef in Media:
"Was curious how much a sous chef makes."
Pros: Great place to work always been good great environment not a headache.
Cons: The least work in the media every other weekend and at times it could be a little rough.

Sous Chef in St. Louis:
Pros: Great guest.
Cons: Too cold in winter times.

Sous Chef in Salt Lake City:
Pros: It's family.
Cons: The time of day work falls during.

Sous Chef in Oak Lawn:
"Good way to expand hospitality skills."
Pros: I finally get to cook again, make specials, menu planning, costing.
Cons: Some of the employees have very poor attitudes but they have been there so long it is hard to get rid of them. The benefits aren't very good.

Sous Chef in Sandy:
Be willing to listen and learn. Allow yourself to make a mistake.

Sous Chef in Dublin:
"Great and fun."
Pros: That there is always something to learn everyday and so many ways to do in a different way. Talking to people and making different dishes for people to try to eat everyday.
Cons: I have no cons at this moment. Being away from my family can be stressful at time's.