Staffing Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Staffing Coordinator?

Staffing Coordinator in Placerville, California:
Pros: The fresh air the scenery and all the trees.
Cons: Distance

Staffing Coordinator in Toms River:
"The stress and pressure of the job."
Do not settle for the salary they give you unless you are satisfied . If your job is 24/7, ask for more . If it interfere with off hours and weekend off, ask for more money .

Staffing Coordinator in Fort Lauderdale:
"Make sure you are compensated for your hard work."
Make sure you are compensated for your hard work

Staffing Coordinator in Riverside:
"Interviewing others."
Pros: Socializing with different people and helping others.
Cons: At times that I am not able to make changes.

Staffing Coordinator in Beaumont:
This is not an industry for the faint of heart. It's stressful on the best of days as you are dealing with the ever-changing human element. It's also very worth while and can be extremely satisfying. Best have to Love it and have a great instinct or you will be devoured.

Staffing Coordinator in Eureka:
"Negative complaints from employees."
It is hard not to judge the way othershe live their lives.

Staffing Coordinator in Lancaster:
Cons: Relentless stress and being held accountable for decisions made by upper management.