Systems Administrator Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Systems Administrator?

Systems Administrator in New York:
"Job is all face time full time plus after hours work."
Job is all face time full time plus after hours work, then when you earn more as your become senior/experienced, you get outsourced.

Systems Administrator in Southfield:
"Room for Improvement."
Pros: Management realizes that we are more than just employees and allows us to have flexibility to take care of responsibilities which may arise. I enjoy the challenges which come with my position, much of which is problem solving in a variety of ways.
Cons: Often times feel there are unneeded challenges which are created by lack of communication or understanding of duties around the office. It can be boring at times. I also feel stagnant in my position and would enjoy it more if I were learning a bit more through work.

Systems Administrator in Hampton:
Pros: Benefits are amazing, they have many items available for members as well as family members.
Cons: Depending on location and leadership can make or break your experience. People leave bosses not jobs but in the military, you can't leave the boss.

Systems Administrator in Philadelphia:
"Solving Puzzles All Day Long."
Pros: The best thing about working as a Salesforce Administrator is that I'm constantly learning and thinking. Between puzzling out all the relationships in our existing database and considering new uses, upgrades, etc, my brain is always engaged.
Cons: I definitely feel a small amount of anxiety at all times that something could go wrong in our Salesforce instance, whether through my own fault or some other problem, that's going to cause me a whole lot of work and our organization a lot of pain. Fortunately, that usually doesn't come to pass.

Systems Administrator in Concord:
"It's stressful and not worth the pay."
Pros: I like working with computers. I don't like working with baby boomers who think computers are made of magic.
Cons: It's a fast paced job in which 100% accuracy is expected. No one ever notices when the systems are working correctly 98.9% of the time. You get an earful whenever their password doesn't work because they forgot their credentials and locked themselves out. So many more things I could list, but what's the point.

Systems Administrator in Tualatin:
"Stay current on your site needs."
Stay current on your sites needs to reduce the stress snowball.

Systems Administrator in Tacoma:
Pros: Work flexibility; corporate culture; ample time off.
Cons: High stress level; frequent after hours work.