Vice President (VP), Operations Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Vice President (VP), Operations?

Vice President (VP), Operations in Sunnyvale:
"New to semiconductor industry so had to do OJT."
Key is to think strategically but execute tactically. Empower your staff to own their responsibilities and establish KPI's to insure you stay on track.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Reading:
"Do what you like and fins a way to make money."
Ascertain your emotional intelligence. Don't be afraid to confront poor performers.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Summerfield:
"Trust yourself."
If your gut is telling you something is wrong, it is almost always wrong.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Pittsburgh:
"Excel in You Field."
Look for the good things within the organization you are employed. Its is important to understand and work all positions in the company to become an effective operations manager.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Irvine:
"The extreme level of Politics and nepotism."
Be willing to get in the weeds, know your people, know their strengths and weaknesses, get their insight on challenges and opportunities. Execute change based on their insight, give them credit for helping drive the changes.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Chicago:
"Solve problems."
Be a problem finder and solver to help your organization win.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Lancaster:
"Aviation market."
Have patience and remain resilient.