Vice President (VP), Operations Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Vice President (VP), Operations?

Vice President (VP), Operations in Honolulu:
"Mutli -Tasking is a MUST."
Be ready to think very much out of the box and do not be afraid to think globally and not right in front of yourself.

Vice President (VP), Operations in New York:
"Passionate and Fun, but Stressful!"
Be prepared to do anything and everything to get the job done. You will wear many hats and have many opportunities, but you will have to make discoveries on new ways to do things on your own.The expectations to perfection are high, and it seems like there is never enough time to get things done, so you will work after hours a lot. The amount of meetings is endless and you are required to have a lot of patience for employees who don't have a great knowledge in their specialty. Client communication and problem solving is key. Prepare for a passionate, fun and stressful job!

Vice President (VP), Operations in Colorado Springs:
"Organization is Key."
Being overly organized has helped me very much.

Vice President (VP), Operations in South Houston:
"Job Satisfaction."
Pros: I like the President and CEO of the company and the senior level management personnel I work with.
Cons: The job I have is stressful in that all of us are expected to sacrifice our time for the better of the company. The hours are long and as soon as one job ends the next job starts. There is a lot of pressure to perform at top levels under less than ideal conditions. Perks are very rare and it seems as if all of the industry accepted benefits of travel (air miles, hotel stays, and rental car usage) are taken by the company and used to save money in future travel. That money savings is passed along to the employees as an end of the year bonus, so it is not all bad. It just seems that other companies allow their employees to keep their travel benefits and still give out bonuses.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Rosenhayn:
"Make small incremental positive change."
Patience is key. Rome wasn't build in a day. Have a plan and make small changes in the right direction every day. Use the resources you have available to you.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Biloxi:
"Employment Details."
Get an Employment Agreement up front with Full Disclosure on Benefits, Compensation, Annual Increase, Bonus Structure and Severance Package.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Indianapolis:
"It's all about people!"
Build a team that truly wants to perform for you.