Vice President (VP), Operations Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Vice President (VP), Operations?

Vice President (VP), Operations in Houston:
"Great area to live and work."
Pros: The various thing to do in off time.
Cons: The traffic.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Aurora:
"Close to work."
Pros: A great suburb with many up and coming great features.
Cons: Still has a bad reputation from the past.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Irvine:
Pros: - Good environment. - Business growing - can motivate myself. - Have a mission to broaden Japanese food culture to the States (we're dealing with green tea and green tea ice cream)
Cons: - Prices are too high to live with current salary, especially rent fees. - Low compensation.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Santa Fe Springs:
"Talk to people not groups."
The men learn best 1 on 1 and not in a group setting. They will retain much more when you sit down and talk to the individuals.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Irvine:
"Be a problem solver."
Just focus on solving problems, for other executives, for the company, for everyone. Find out what is getting in the way of business and solve it.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Santa Ana:
"Running fairly independently."
Ensure your compensation is fair and equitable for both you and your employer.

Vice President (VP), Operations in Tarpon Springs:
"Take ownership."
Take ownership of every task you do. Everything you do makes a difference in the collective population of your job's workforce and purpose. Do everything with care and great purpose.