Welder Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Welder?

Welder in Logan:
"Builds roller coasters."
Pros: I like the people in all the departments, we have company events every month to keep morale high and I enjoy the quality of work we do in the weld shop.
Cons: Low pay is the biggest con for me, everything else is excellent.

Welder in Englishtown:
Pros: I like work with team and work maximum with time.
Cons: I don't like if I have team the one of them don't work discipline.

Welder in Seattle:
"What am I really worth."
Pros: I create unique metal work. Everything customizable and always changing.
Cons: I don't get paid what I should. The raise system is a bit flawed.

Welder in Tyler:
"Fun and creative."
Pros: Freedom to be creative and better my skill as a welder.
Cons: Pay isn't very good.

Welder in Calverton:
"I like it."
Pros: Not having to be dealing with people.
Cons: Not happy with the money I'm making.

Welder in Milwaukee:
"Start at the bottom. Regardless of experience."
Pros: I weld in my own booth.
Cons: Terrible benefits. Greedy company owner. Health side affects.

Welder in Richmond:
Pros: Well I love the fact I enjoy building parts and things out of metal love to fabricate and build somthing unique.
Cons: Its ruff on your body and your health eye's back hearing ect.