Welder Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Welder?

Welder in Goodwater:
Be the best and alway look to learn.

Welder in Spokane:
Pros: Just being able to tell people that I was a Certified Welder at 20 years old was very prideful.
Cons: I have worked as a welder/fitter for over a year. I have learned the business, and the way things are there. I got forklift certified, I am First Aid and CPR certified, as well as a crane operator, over head crane operator, travel life operator and I am able to use basic saws and sawyer tools. I have NOT been hired on yet, they have laid me off before, they have NOT given me any benefits or compensation, and they have moved me around constantly from operator, to welder, to fitter, to sawyer, to laborer and back over again. I have not gotten a raise and they still expect me to work day in and day out. I do not agree with this. I believe I should be able to get hired on, and paid a little better and treated a little better than this since I have put the effort into learning everything there as well as working hard and fast.

Welder in Chatsworth:
"About payscale."
Work hard let unions pay for education.

Welder in Lincoln:
Pros: Ability to accelerate in my skills by working alone.
Cons: Not being recognized as a skilled employee.

Welder in Houston:
"Fairly new."
Pros: I enjoy the aspect where I can get lost in the job. I can zone out of the world and focus on what needs to get done. No distractions, just the weld.

Welder in Princeton:
Pros: I like using my hands to build things.
Cons: Pay.

Welder in Commerce:
"Great experience working with your hands."
Pros: The work involved in fabricating with metal.
Cons: I think the pay rate can be a little better and the benefits to.