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College Tuition ROI: Highest and Lowest
CalTech grads earn the most back on their tuition dollars. Shaw College grads earn the least.
Highest College ROI
California Institute
of Technology (Caltech)
Lowest College ROI
Shaw University

- 100K

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College Tuition ROI
Winners by
Type of School
For each category, these schools' graduates earn the most back on their tuition dollar.
Top Private University
California Institute of Technology - $1,713,000
Top Engineering University
Harvey Mudd College - $1,622,000
Top Business College
Babson College - $1,240,000
Top Public University
University of California, Berkeley - $1,167,000
Top Liberal Arts University
Amherst College - $1,138,000
Top Arts, Music & Design College
Rhode Island School of Design - $618,700

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