Paying the right way, getting paid what you’re worth — it’s complicated, and it matters.

Compensation used to be a dark art.

Not anymore. Today’s job candidate, armed with data, knows what they are worth and will expect a fair salary offer or raise. Are you ready?

It used to be that companies who could afford it had teams of compensation analysts who in turn worked with outside consulting firms to do ‘salary surveys’. Often because the data from a relatively small sample came back months later and required lots of adjustments, a company ended up overpaying some employees and underpaying others. Markets are dynamic and salaries are too, and this aged and adjusted data wasn’t keeping up.

Watch how we modernize comp.

Enter big data and crowdsourcing.

New real-time and market-enabled compensation models are providing better intelligence for both companies and employees, transforming the once dark art of compensation into a data-driven science. With PayScale, both workers and employers have their finger on the pulse of their talent markets.

Using crowdsourcing and big data technologies, PayScale has compiled the world’s largest database of individual salary profiles. Recently, Warburg-Pincus invested $100 million in PayScale to bring its combination of real-time data and on-demand enterprise to the challenges of attracting the best talent and getting the most from them.

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