Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Parker:
"Busy, Productive."
Pros: Making the Tribes as a whole better by helping our tribal government.
Cons: Upset employees and politics.

Administrative Assistant in Los Angeles:
"Stressful but fun."
Pros: Great people.
Cons: Pay.

Administrative Assistant in South Africa:
"Not bad."
Pros: Customer service.
Cons: Paper work.

Administrative Assistant in York:
"Back to Intern."
Pros: It creates a great learning experience when you're trying to dive into an industry you know little about. Working hand in hand allows you to see every aspect of the business from the start to finish.
Cons: You get treated like a person.

Administrative Assistant in Santa Monica:
"Barbor's assistant."
Pros: Communicating and building relationships with people.
Cons: The job was not an industry that I wanted to pursue.

Administrative Assistant in New York:
Pros: I can get away from being late I just have to make my hours, at times my boss travels so I am alone in the office which I like it sometimes.
Cons: Low pay. Overwhelming. Dealing with many different personality. Juggling many task at once and expected to accomplish with ease. Tons of paper to file. Sitting in from of a computer for hours at times forgetting to go to lunch. Boss always criticizing my eating life style (vegan) Boss saying things he has no business saying. Every one who I work with are getting a good salary but I am the only one making below 12 an hour and does a lot of work. I don't even get paid if I stay late behind. I go home and the job follows me emails and always going off. If I am sick I still have to work from home. If I take a personal day I still have to work from where ever I am. There is no separation from personal to business.

Administrative Assistant in Vancouver:
Pros: Flexibility, office conditions, low stress level, paid vacation, working alone, working directly for the boss, consistency.
Cons: Long commute, performing job duties outside of my responsibilities.