Business Development Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Business Development Manager?

Business Development Manager in New York:
"Startup Life."
Pros: Being able to create complete processes from scratch, since our company is embarking on new ventures.
Cons: Not having a say in what I want to do.

Business Development Manager in Austin:
"Pretty Great Position."
Pros: My team is an amazing group of individuals. The environment in which we work is very collaborative and fun. Everyone is intelligent and pushes each other to solve complex problems. As a manager of such a team, you are able to create your own world as many of the systems at the company are immature or non-existent.
Cons: Teams within VMware do not work together well. Senior management has difficulty operationalizing the goals of the business and separate teams have very little idea how other teams operate. The company has very few explicit procedures/systems which can make knowing where to go for help/advice/resources very difficult.

Business Development Manager in Accra:
"Full condition of service and perks."
Get much detailss on salary structure during negotiation.

Business Development Manager in Roanoke:
Pros: I like the people, atmosphere and dress code.
Cons: The worst part is the stress and hours.

Business Development Manager in Mountain View:
Pros: Work culture is fantastic. Very open and relaxed. Like a family.
Cons: Employee onboarding is poor which makes it difficult to ramp up given the extremely complex world of ecommerce shipping.

Business Development Manager in New York:
Pros: Flexibility to run project as I wish.

Business Development Manager in Richmond:
"A lot of Work."
Pros: You get to interact with people on a daily basis and get out of the office. It is a fast pace environment.
Cons: Micromanaging and high stress.