Customer Service Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Associate?

Customer Service Associate in Bellows Falls:
"Only perks are time pff."
Pros: Paid time off and vacations are good. Coworkers.
Cons: Unattainable sales goals, which arent met, so therefore no room to grow.

Customer Service Associate in New York:
"Work Environment Summary."
Pros: Working with a purpose and being able to assist and go above and beyond to help a customer.
Cons: Company Politics, lack of accountability and responsibility, and very toxic work environment.

Customer Service Associate in Nashville:
"Good for a job."
Pros: Good hours, products, dress code.
Cons: Mid shifts, amount of work, pay.

Customer Service Associate in Zeeland:
Pros: Light work. Decent pay.
Cons: Not enough days off. No flexibility. Management.