Customer Service Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Associate?

Customer Service Associate in Tampa:
Pros: Easy. Laid back. Zero stress. Entertaining.
Cons: Low pay. Disrespectful Customers. Overnight work.

Customer Service Associate in Salt Lake City:
"Providing excellent customer service, learning new skills."
Pros: I enjoy working with customers and being physically active. I enjoy gaining more skills and added knowledge to help customers with their improvement projects.
Cons: When associates are unable to complete their tasks, usually it gets passed off to the next associate. This can have a negative affect on store sales.

Customer Service Associate in Rohnert Park:
"Is ok but I dont see my self in a high possition."
Pros: I like that they can be flex with my hours.
Cons: I don't see a future in the company.

Customer Service Associate in Selbyville:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Help customers with there financial needs.
Cons: The pay is average and not so many vacation days.

Customer Service Associate in Bellows Falls:
"Only perks are time pff."
Pros: Paid time off and vacations are good. Coworkers.
Cons: Unattainable sales goals, which arent met, so therefore no room to grow.

Customer Service Associate in Georgetown:
Pros: Flexible hours with good coworkers.
Cons: Not paid enough, not enough hours.

Customer Service Associate in Long Beach:
"Lowes Life."
Pros: Super flexible, at my store great asm's store director not so much but its to be expected, most associates are fun and easy to get along with, as far as teamwork it depends on the day and 10% off products is kinda a plus.
Cons: Store director is a pain to work with, kinda brings the employees moral down in the store, no company get togethers, never enough employees in the store so no coverage and at the service desk you handle every departments issues from customers, at the service desk we are unbelievable under staffed and ends up upsetting customers.