Customer Service Associate Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Associate?

Customer Service Associate in Hebron:
"That the turn over rate is so very high."
If you can run a cash register and have good customer service skills then you should do a good job and also like going to work.

Customer Service Associate in Midland:
"Greeting customers and making sure they have everything need."
Be friendly and smile, Learn all you can about the business and the different departments in the store and know where the product is located so you can take the customer to the product. Product knowledge is a plus. Ask the customer questions about what they are working on, So you can be sure they have everything they need to start and finish their project. Be flexible you may have to work another department.

Customer Service Associate in Baltimore:
Pros: It is a good place to work. The managers are nice and supportive.
Cons: Sometimes being at the register makes me a little uncomfortable because of things that customers say.

Customer Service Associate in Portland:
"Different. People must have good people skills."
Pros: Get to meet new people and have the opportunity to help people. You may also enjoy working with some people in food service and gain knowledge of what to do in a kitchen while helping others.
Cons: Low pay. No respect from both customers and employers. The hours are terrible as well as the demand.

Customer Service Associate in Sioux Falls:
"Enjoy my job."
Pros: The coworkers, they are so helpful and friendly.
Cons: The prank callers who are obscene.

Customer Service Associate in Loxahatchee:
Pros: Ability to Move up the ladder.
Cons: Dealing with customer complaints.

Customer Service Associate in Sedalia:
Pros: I love my coworkers, I love you making an impact on the store, and I love helping people.
Cons: Sometimes my coworkers are lazy but are payed more than myself.