Customer Service Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Manager?

Customer Service Manager in Portland:
Be the champion at your company for providing an exceptional customer experience from the top down. It must become the fabric of your organization and be lived internally as well as externally.

Customer Service Manager in Mansfield:
"I enjoy my job but I'm underappreciated."
Pros: I know the job well and am the best at what I do. I enjoy it and treat people fairly and with respect.
Cons: Underappreciated. Underpaid. Treated poorly by customers, associates, and managers.

Customer Service Manager in Chandler:
"Pay is very funfair for cashiers at Walmart."
Pros: I like taking care of my cashiers. They do a great job of taking care of the customers. They have to deal with un happy customers and happy customers and check out customers in a fast busy inviroment deal with alot of cash.
Cons: Customer complaints about how Walmart moves things around to much. Movement to new positions take to long. Max of pay raise yearly is a max of .50 cents on a grade scale the new raises everyone recieved some people already there almost making $9.00 after 5 years of raises now makes $9.50 so lost all the raises they had and only makes .50 cents more than the person hired today plus as a CSM it states im a customer service manager under manger job description and my pay didnt go up to $13.00 an hour I think a csm does run a department the cashiers and frontend is a department and is very stressfull on us when the computer generating the schedual only has 2/3 cashiers at the front after certain hours they need to let the cashiers have 40 hours so theres no customers complaining about no registers open I understand the department managers over the back have there duties and to have things stocked but when it comes to the customers the lower employes are what makes these stores run and take.

Customer Service Manager in Ann Arbor:
"Valvoline manager."
Pros: Working on cars and doing customer service. Supervising and doing daily business activities.
Cons: Not having reliable workers,

Customer Service Manager in Farmington:
"It is like any job it has good and bad days."
Pros: Job security I can go.into work knowing I have a job that will be there.
Cons: The unpaid benefits and lack of good employee relations.

Customer Service Manager in Niles:
"I love my job."
Pros: Working with customers, running the front end, helping and teaching cashiers.
Cons: I think I should make more money than I do.Have two cashiers that make almost $13.00 an hour. I worked there for 5.5years, quit for one year to run our new business. Had to close it due to the recession.

Customer Service Manager in Del City:
"Making people happy, fixing things."
Pros: Helping people quit smoking. Helping make sure that customers receive the right product and are happy with what they receive.Making someone smile or laugh makes my day brighter.
Cons: Getting upset customers that yell and scream at you. Weather they are the ones that made the mistake when they placed the order or if it was our mistake when it went out the door.