Customer Service Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Manager?

Customer Service Manager in Des Moines:
"Strenghtened your start up."
Understand the future of the Company, the day to day struggle, hours you will be putting into the job. Most importantly, you need to understand yourself, and if the passion you have is a good fit for the organization.

Customer Service Manager in South Carolina:
"Work hard to obtain your licenses."
Decide what your career path needs to be for yourself. Opportunities in service are limited and if you are not interested in being a producing financial adviser, income is limited.

Customer Service Manager in Lancaster:
Pros: I like the everyday interaction with our customers and employees. The company offers advancement opportunities.
Cons: Since my beginning with the company, they have made some changes that a lot of workers don't agree with.

Customer Service Manager in Pasadena:
"Difficult to survive in California with a full time position."
Be fully aware of promotion opportunities for this position or other positions in the company. Be available to move wherever you are needed. Always give 100% in your job no matter what you are doing.

Customer Service Manager in Abilene:
"Customer Retention."
Take care of the customer.

Customer Service Manager in San Francisco:
"Love to work with people - make their days great."
Pros: Flexible. Telecommute whenever I want. Solid Pay. Great people who really care.
Cons: Long hours. Seasonal stress with camps. Sometimes aloen in office.

Customer Service Manager in Jacksonville:
"Future growth within Supply Chain Management."
 Manages and leads a highly skilled and trained customer service team of five Inside Sales Coordinators. • Leads the team functions to ensure effective customer service and efficiency with established business processes. • Works closely with other operating functions (Sales & Operations Planning, Logistics, Manufacturing, Commercial, Finance) to contribute to business profitability and success. • Provides and ensures an end to end customer experience that satisfies customers’ needs. • Ensures that customers are serviced properly and satisfactorily thru the company’s products and services. • Focuses on continuous improvement in areas of transactional systems and business processes. • Develops and maintains strong working relationships with both internal and external customers. Leads efforts to identify opportunities for improvement to increase customer satisfaction. • Ensures the ISC organization is communicating properly with other business functions to achieve budgeted results. • Attracts,