Customer Service Representative (CSR) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Representative (CSR)?

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Columbia:
Pros: I have supportive coworkers and the ability to work at my own pace throughout the day.
Cons: Amount of work to accomplish in a single day. Our equipment isn't ergonomically organized. Some co-workers think they're work Lead is more than others. We all have much to accomplish. We're expected to read minds and just know what they want done with certain things our that they're too busy to take a call and I have to take care of the callers issue that I may know nothing about but have to spend more time figuring it out.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Milwaukee:
"My job."
Pros: Hours and being able to leave early.
Cons: No sick hours and if you request off you have to use a vacation day.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Edgewater:
Pros: I really like my boss so its hard to leave the workplace.
Cons: I don't like how we have a total of 10 days for sick, personal and vacation time. The office conditions and stress level is very hard because we are being micro managed.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Decatur:
"I Wish I Knew More About Electrical Systems."
Learn as much as you can about the product you are working with.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Bisbee:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: Family is first and there is a genuine concern for the individual as a person.
Cons: I'm utilized as a Loan Assistant but not promoted to or paid for this position. Career development is limited to those who wish to relocate or currently live in other locations. Promotions are often given based on family or friendship ties with the owner or other preferred managers.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Sherman:
"Positive Attitude And Know Your Computer."
Take great notes on working the computer system. The faster you can work it independently the more valuable you will be. Keep a positive attitude. Not only with your customers but also with your peers and supervisors. This gives them confidence in you. Be empathatic.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Torrance:
"Have To Be Strong Enough To Handle Our Job."
It's recommended you have a customer service representative background, have for any heavy trafficked environment.