Director of Operations Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Director of Operations?

Director of Operations in Miami:
Pros: Every day I learn something new.
Cons: Dealing with the politics with the hotels.

Director of Operations in Nashville:
"Overall Evaluation."
Pros: Salaried position gives me a little flexibility with my work schedule. Working with the corporate office provides support and mentoring for branch offices. Managing people and providing customer service is rewarding and challenging.
Cons: The expectation that I will be available for office staff/corporate office (President & VP)/on call people 24/7 is stressful and leads to burn out. Being on call, feeling underpaid and undervalued. Office staff and caregivers feel they are under paid and are dissatisfied with compensation and I cannot control it. Not having as much autonomy and control because the corporate office alternately gives me authority and then takes it away.

Director of Operations in Gooding:
"Director of operations."
Pros: Developing leaders.
Cons: Hiring personnel.

Director of Operations in Coon Rapids:
"Day to day operations responsible."
Pros: Challenging to meet all levels of QSC, profit plan, and build all levels of people to achieve.
Cons: Long hours, high level of stress on type of business. Threats of minimum wage, unions, health insurance....all stretch gross profit margins.

Director of Operations in Novato:
"Problems good ... Simple bad :)"
Pros: Constant new problems need solving. Very rarely do I get trapped in doing the same thing every day, but that also means all of those different things tend to become a responsibility for maintenance of any projects or programs that are put in place.
Cons: The mundane. If anyone else can solve the problem with a little effort I would prefer to avoid the situation, but in a management role at a small company there are a wide array of small simple problems that will not get solved if you don't bite the bullet and solve them.

Director of Operations in Lithopolis:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: Making my own hours. Helping children and parents find quality care.
Cons: Stress, Hours put into my work day. Dealing with many different types of people.

Director of Operations in Milwaukee:
Pros: Interactions with staff, children and families. Being a support for others.
Cons: Having to do collections for financial aspects with families.