Director of Operations Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Director of Operations?

Director of Operations in Chicago:
"Peer relationship."
It is critical to have a great relationships with your peers in HR, CTO, and Financial positions to be successful.

Director of Operations in Coon Rapids:
"Day to day operations responsible."
Pros: Challenging to meet all levels of QSC, profit plan, and build all levels of people to achieve.
Cons: Long hours, high level of stress on type of business. Threats of minimum wage, unions, health insurance....all stretch gross profit margins.

Director of Operations in Denver:
"Choose your master's wisely."
It's a lot of money and it's not immediately helpful to find a job. Best bet is to pursue one thoru work.

Director of Operations in Novato:
"Problems good ... Simple bad :)"
Pros: Constant new problems need solving. Very rarely do I get trapped in doing the same thing every day, but that also means all of those different things tend to become a responsibility for maintenance of any projects or programs that are put in place.
Cons: The mundane. If anyone else can solve the problem with a little effort I would prefer to avoid the situation, but in a management role at a small company there are a wide array of small simple problems that will not get solved if you don't bite the bullet and solve them.

Director of Operations in Victor:
"I wish I had known how many teachers there were in the field."
I would do a lot of research on the field that I was considering if I were to do it all over again.

Director of Operations in Plymouth:
"Make time for your family."
Do not work yourself to death.

Director of Operations in Los Angeles:
"Two Steps Ahead!"
Make your career decisions ahead of them being made for you. By doing that, you control when and where your career direction takes you.