Director of Operations Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Director of Operations?

Director of Operations in Providence:
"Day to Day Operations."
Be prepared to think on your feet and at a moments notice. Multi-tasking is vital. Obtain knowledge of your staff and their personalities. Manage your budget closely.

Director of Operations in Atlanta:
Pros: Meeting people during the volunteer efforts.
Cons: Dealing with the scheduling of volunteers.

Director of Operations in New Albany:
Focus on the people rather than just the technology.

Director of Operations in Visalia:
"Zoom In-Zoom Out."
The key to my success I think has been my ability to zoom in and study, learn and understand the details of an operation and then zoom out and understand how each detail relates to the overall process- how each department overlaps and is both dependant on and contributes to the others. Also, developing meaningful working relationships with each individual and valuing them as equal human beings will create a dynamic team that will create success for the business, for you as a manager, and for themselves.

Director of Operations in Nashville:
"Overall Evaluation."
Pros: Salaried position gives me a little flexibility with my work schedule. Working with the corporate office provides support and mentoring for branch offices. Managing people and providing customer service is rewarding and challenging.
Cons: The expectation that I will be available for office staff/corporate office (President & VP)/on call people 24/7 is stressful and leads to burn out. Being on call, feeling underpaid and undervalued. Office staff and caregivers feel they are under paid and are dissatisfied with compensation and I cannot control it. Not having as much autonomy and control because the corporate office alternately gives me authority and then takes it away.

Director of Operations in Miami:
Pros: Every day I learn something new.
Cons: Dealing with the politics with the hotels.

Director of Operations in Cincinnati:
"What is Hospitality."
Hospitality is performing to your best genuine self, every day, naturally to guarantee that a guest, your team and your company is satisfied. Not just with your performance or skills but their experience with you as a whole.