Director of Operations Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Director of Operations?

Director of Operations in Benicia:
"Open Mind."
To keep an open mind, listen to your employees as they are the "experts" that do the job on a daily basis. Observe and learn the workflow before making any hasty changes. Be fair and consistent with decisions concerning all employees.

Director of Operations in Wyoming:
"HUD guildlines are hard to keep up with."
Make sure you keep going to the training's to keep up on the ever changing HUD guildlines.

Director of Operations in West Palm Beach:
Invest time into finding an training new people underneath you.

Director of Operations in Rock Falls:
"More training."
Demand hire wage.

Director of Operations in Boston:
Starting from day one, you should be working on building up your collateral with your peers - you can't get anything done without collaboration and others contributing to your cause, while you contribute to theirs.

Director of Operations in Brookfield:
"Delegate job responsibilities."
Assign task and delegate work to empolyees.

Director of Operations in Bellevue:
"The Daily Grind."
Pros: Love working with my staff and growing together. Making people's lives and areas they spend with there families more comfortable and full of light. Lighting up the neighborhoods one house at a time. See results in a short period of time.
Cons: Managing the company's cash flow and budget. High stress I bring home with me. Dealing with employees that have personal problems.